Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Flight of the Conchords

You know, I could never reach the kind of fame the Indianstallion has come to achieve. After years of blogging, he has finally arrived.

Anyway, it was nice when Text100/HBO invited the stallion to the preview of Flight of the Conchords. I was the plus one, and yes the invite wasn’t for the fact that I am a music lover like him. He was rubbing it in. This is the kind of life I could have had if I had not been rejecting his advances for the past six years. Getting invites. (As if my job isn’t full of that.)

What was great about this whole outing was the warm soiree. From the tour of the HBO offices, to the food which was specially catered from a NZ restaurant, to a special round of introductions on the staff and PR people who made everyone feel right at home. Oh yes, they have free flow of coke in the fridge. You can’t go wrong with the Minah on that.

So. Err, yeah I was talking about the TV Series which will be aired by HBO on Sept 3rd. To put it in gist, two Kiwi musicians (Bret and Jermaine on guitars and vocals) trying to survive and make it big in New York. A bit cliché, a bit heard off. What made it refreshing was it the filming style adopted – it’s so inexpensively and simply done. None of the fancy schmancy production shtick that lends a well produced air to it. It gels well with the duo – who are struggling, broke and poor.

Of course, the main thing about Flight of the Conchords is the music. Like the stallion, I thought this was going to be another Tenacious D, but Flight of the Conchords not only spoofed a particular genre, they simply paid homage to music and that is the beauty of it. From Marvin Gaye, to Pet Shop boys and Bowie, every particular episode will get music fans scrambling to catch the pop culture references. Oh and the fact that everyone just takes the piss out of them being Kiwis. From the Aussie-NZ rivalry to the accents. But I can’t say much cos I’ve only seen three episodes.


I am not writing this because HBO has bribed me with the bottles of wonderful NZ wine, or the free CD enclosed in the media pack (thanks guys!) but because I genuinely love the show. I generally don’t watch TV; I know only few off hand that I really appreciate. So far we’ve got Weeds, Southpark and SATC. Come on, every chick digs that shit. Rarely have I seen an episode that made me tear from so much laughing. (yes, episode 3 is waaay better than 2). So if you ask me to describe the show in short, I have two words and that is bo-liao. (or is that one word?!)

Yes, if you are bo-liao, you love bo-liao people and you make the most bo-liaoness of jokes, this is one show you have to catch.

I'm a fan!



Indian Stallion said...

Yes, like they say, no point crying over stallion milk. We are just friends now and that's we will ever be, deal with it.

But yeah I am a fan of the D, but in terms of versatility and talent I have to say FotC are way ahead of the D.

The Minah said...

Hey, I get way more invites than you mmkaaaay? But thanks for bringing me along. What a way to discover a new act. Btw, Q magazine featured them in their latest grunge tribute cd sample. Afghan wigs are quite good too.

I like the D because the rock references are just hilarious!

The Minah said...

Hi Sumin, sorry had to delete your comment! Id like to remain anonymous online (well, save for the close friends who know me) :) But yeah, please count me in if you have any new funny shows coming up! Then I can let the Stallion know I've made it too.. :)

yinqi said...

*creeps in quietly* can i leave a comment here then?

I promise not to make known your identity, just..thanks a lot for coming and I'm glad you loved the show! Psst, I watch Weeds, South Park AND SATC. hur TV addict much?

ssumin said...

hi, pls delete this comment too - it's really the easiest way to contact u! =)

totally understand the preference to be anonymous, so no worries! we'll keep you in the loop if there's anything interesting coming up! cheers!

Wilfrid said...

Oooo ... found your site. Fun time it was. You take care. Will drop by your site from time to time.

The Minah said...

yinqi: with surfthechannel.com, i think there'll be more coming up...internet has made a tv addict out of me.

sumin: no worries, just call me by my very tacky screen name. and yes please, do count me in. :)

wilfrid! you really found us.. lemme guess, from HBO's blog site? :p Keep me posted if you have new materials. Would love to hear them. :)

deCi said...

..errr.. I'd like to thank the Minah for introducing me to Flight Of the Conchords.... *thumbs up*